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                Diamond Polishing Spray Hot Mounting Resins Polishing Cloth Diamond Polishing Paste
                Company Introduction

                Wuhan Sanling new materitals Co., Ltd, which locates at Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Zone, was founded in 1994. Our company is specialized in developing and manufacturing the consumables as well as the equipments for metallographic specimen preparation. We have a strong R&D department with complete production testing equipments. The company contributed to exemplary records, meanwhile, enjoying a good reputation in the industry. The firm’s high market share could be remarkable to show our achievements during past 20 years. We were shareholding reform in September 2013 and successfully public on national equities exchange and quotations (NEEQ) in January 2014, with the company stock code 430446.

                  We provide complete solution for your metallographic specimen preparation and your laboratory. Our company offers an entire range of consumables and machines for metallographic preparation, which involves Cutting, Mounting, Grinding and Polishing processes. Products with environmental protection, high efficiency, high quality, low-cost, easy operation, becoming the first choice of professional users in the industry in China. In fact, our customers came from variety of industries, including iron and steel, automotive, aerospace, railway, electronics and other manufactures, even some testing organizations and universities.

                  On the whole, Sanling is a top brand of metallographic specimen preparation industry in China. We focus on the quality of our products and suitable solutions for our customers. We are looking forward to establishing long-term relationships with our customers which beyond purchases, but based on mutual-benefit cooperation.
                   Address: International Business Center,Special No.1, Guanshan 2 Road,East Lake Development Zone,Wuhan, China

                Customer Service Hotline: 400-886-9530

                Tel :027-67845030  |  027-67845336  |  027-67845116  |  027-67845299

                Fax :027 -67845336-808        E-mail:who1@3labtest.com
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                Working time From Monday to Friday  08:30-17:30
                Copyright :Wuhan Sanling new materitals Co., Ltd
                Address: International Business Center,Special No.1, Guanshan 2 Road,East Lake Development Zone,Wuhan, China       鄂ICP备030021354号